Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Hobsonville Cushions

Check out these cute, clever, colourful, cushions! 

Today the Hobsonville School Year 7 students completed and took home their own designed cushions, made in Fabric Technology at Wairau Intermediate over the past 7 weeks.
The students created their own designs and used recycled fabrics (kindly donated by Warwick Fabrics) and felted wool. They were stuffed with clean and recycled wadding.
They learnt to use a sewing machine for straight stitching their seams and neatened raw edges with zig zag stitching. They also learnt to lock all their stitching to stop it unravelling!
They learnt to hand sew, using running stitch to applique' their designs onto their cushions, slip stitch to close their cushions, and how to sew on a button.
They all now hold a sewing machine license so there is no stopping them! Go forth and create!

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